Hills v Valleys 25-5-18

Thursday, May 24, 2018











The Hills V Valleys teams have been selected for tonight's matches @ Woori Yallock. Teams are subject to change depending on player availability

Hills teams will be in the Away Rooms. Valleys teams in the Home Rooms. 


Player warm up tops will be handed out on the night which are for the players to keep

Playing jumpers will be provided and need to be returned at the completion of each match. 



Under 11’s

Arrival:  5:00pm

Team Photo:  5:15pm

Game Time:  5:45pm


Under 12’s

Arrival:  5:30pm

Team Photo:  5:45pm

Game Time:  6:45pm


Under 13 Girls

Arrival: 6:30pm

Team Photo: 6:45pm

Game Time: 7:55pm