ERCA Coach of the Month

Tuesday, June 12, 2018












ERCA Coach of the Month – April 2018


Matt Lehmann - Healesville Auskick Centre - Auskick Coach

Matt has had an open mind to the new program and each week will come back with feedback on what he thinks would work for that group, or what worked well.

He has been asset to our team in the way he communicates positively with children the parents and his fellow coaches

In addition, on many occasions comes to me with an idea to enhance the skills of his group and before the new program was implemented was trying to incorporate the philosophy within the activities he planned.

Amazingly Matt goes out of his way to communicate to everyone at Healesville Auskick centre, and is very approachable and has a great repour with everyone.



Stuart Byron - Yarra Glen Junior Football Netball Club - Female Coach


Stuart demonstrates a deep knowledge of the game which translates extremely well to training and game day execution.

Stuart has an excellent ability to communicate to players of all levels of skill. He is the perfect balance of firm but fair always encouraging and motivating the girls to improve. These qualities have been crucial in the unifying of the combined Yarra Glen & Coldstream Under 14 Girls at such short notice. Credit must also go to assistant coach Darren Steele.

Stuart is very focused on the continuous improvement of the basic skills. At the same time, he ensures the girls enjoy their training.

Stuart is very well respected by all involved.



Michael Hammond - Yarra Glen junior football club – Junior Coach


Michael has a fantastic knowledge and communication with the boys

The boys have so much respect for Mick and it is showing in their game and personal lives

 He has great team building activities involves every level that I our boys are at, has training plans in place every week to help the skilled and build the confidence of the not so skilled players

The boys attend training every week, they all love the fact that they are all involved in some aspect of the game always.



Chris Hughson – Monbulk Junior Football Club – Youth Coach


Chris has been an integral part in the learning and development of the junior players at Monbulk for the last 8 years.

Chris was instrumental in ensuring a strategy was implemented at the club to ensure kids could not only learn to play footy but also learn about the values of what it meant to be part of a community.

Chris's persistence in setting expectations and ensuring the values of team first are paramount with any team he coaches.

Chris's ethos to parents is to "just love watching your kids play" endeavouring that participation is at the heart to all involved with junior sport.