ERCA- Coach of The Month- July 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018










 ERCA- Coach of The Month- July 2018     


Gary Caithness- Wandin - Auskick Coach

Gary spends time with each individual child to improve technique

His good at getting the kids to listen by making learning fun and interesting.

His ability to walk through the activities and watching the kids and taking the opportunity to work with the kids one on one to try and help develop their individual areas that they need help in.

The kids love having Gary as their coach. It is great to see kids come up at the start of training and tell him how they have been practicing what he has taught them.

The parents also feel at ease with him and know that if they feel their child needs extra help in certain areas they can come to him.

 For me as a coordinator I know that success only comes from those that you have around you and I am very thankful I have Gary at my side every week.




Wayne ‘Panga’ Morris- Yarra Glen Junior Football Club – Junior Coach

Panga has been instrumental to the success of establishing the YGJFNC Girls Football program. Thanks to his dedication to the Girls Football program the club is now fielding four teams which is amazing given the size of our town.

Panga's passion for the game is infectious and the Girls respond accordingly. This makes Panga an extremely effective coach with his messages clearly understood by his team.

He ensures the focus for the Girls is handling the football as many times as possible per session to fast track the basic skill development.

Panga is held in the highest regard by everyone involved in the Yarra Glen Junior Football Netball Club.


Tim Scott-  Olinda Ferny Creek- Football Netball Club- Youth Coach

Tim Scott has gained many years of footballing knowledge over a long career at both junior and senior levels, and his extensive experience has been a great bonus for our junior players who have progressed through our club over the past decade. Tim’s knowledge and personality strikes a very good balance between nurturing our young players to enjoy the game but also to strive to be the best they can be.

Tim has very good communication skills and takes a personal interest in each player in the team in order to maximise their development. He is also extremely good at talking to the group as a whole and inspiring them to achieve on-field success. Tim’s all-round communication skills are second-to-none at our club and his messages to players at training or on game-day are always clear and motivating.

Tim spends many hours developing training activities that build and enhance skills in our players. His comprehension of the game and knowledge of what is required to maximise individual and team skills is unparalleled at our club.

Tim’s own respect and gratitude for those who support him (i.e. players, parents and officials) is reflected several times over and he is held in very high regard by all. Tim’s long-standing service to our club, both in coaching and administration, is one that will unlikely be matched in future. I have no hesitation in saying he is the most respected person at our club.












Anne-Marie Ebbels – Healesville Junior Football Club -Female Coach

Anne-Marie took on the U16 role in 2018 when the original coach was un-able to continue in the role the week before the season commenced. Anne-Marie had previously coached our U12 Girls, she has a vast football knowledge and picked up this role at a moment’s notice to ensure the girls had a coach.

Anne-Marie is a sensational communicator, she gets her points across with ease and is patient in her explanation approach to ensure all the understand.

The development of the HJFC U16 Girls is a testament to Anne-Marie's approach to skill development.  90% of girls are in their first year of football, in round 1 it was a game of kick and run however over the next 13 rounds these girls have transformed into a football team, that marks, kicks, runs and carries. A number of girls have developed so significantly in 2018 we hope opportunities present themselves from an AFLW perspective in the next couple of years.

Anne-Marie is greatly respected by her team, the parents, the HJFC Committee (of which she is a member) and the general HJFC Community.

At AFL Yarra Ranges level Anne-Marie is highly respected with her work on future fixturing.




















Mark Fisher – Mt Evelyn Football Netball Club - Senior Coach


Marks knowledge of the game is extensive, he is an accredited level 3 coach. His ability to read the game is exceptional, he picks up changes in the game immediately, which enables him to implement changes on the field. His instructions to the player or via the runner, allows the team to adjust its structure to counter oppositions moves. He has also developed his assisted coaches to a high level.

Communication with the players is clear and precise, with all players knowing exactly what is required of them. His pre-game message is articulated and delivered with clarity.

Training sessions are designed to develop every player. Their understanding of the game plan, improving each players skill and fitness. All players have benefited from his development skills, this also includes our senior women's team.

He has the respect of everyone at the club. Be it players, supporters, or officials, by his respect for everyone and willingness to discuss what is going on around the club, on field or off.