ERCA Coach of the Month

Monday, September 10, 2018










ERCA- Coach of The Month- August 2018



Siobhan O’Dwyer-  Worawa Junior Football Club- Youth Coach


Siobhan has a lot of skills experience in playing the game and can effectively translate this knowledge to the girls and even though Siobhan is stern she is very approachable for the girls, adjusting her coaching style so all girls can relate and understand what is expected.

She is innovative in her training and stays up to date with research in training and coaching drawn from experience and other experts in the field.

Siobhan is always well mannered, respectful and encourages all who love the game whether it be our team or opposition. She is a true friend of the football community



Liam Burke – Upwey Football Netball Club - Senior Coach


Liam has a great connection with all players, his approach to provide regular feedback to all players about their performance and role in the team allows him to build great relationships within the club. This is done by using several methods such as video, practical and genuine conversations. Communication with all support staff about their roles as well as parents of younger players give all great trust in him.


Inclusion of U16 and U18 in Thursday night training as been a beneficial experience with building a great transition from junior to senior clubs.

Liam regular demonstration of correct technique and time for players to work on individual areas with specialised coaches.


Liam has also brought a more professional environment to the club and sets the standard for all to follow. Liam has a great understanding of community and our volunteers with regular recognition of volunteers, sponsors and supports.