Division 1 Grand Finals Wrap

Sunday, September 24, 2017










AFL Yarra Ranges Wrap 23rd September



GRAND FINAL (Saturday 23rd September)

Olinda Ferny Creek 18.17.125 def Woori Yallock 3.6.24

Olinda Ferny Creek are the 2017 Premiers and are celebrating their first Division 1 premiership. The game started off with both sides testing each other out and getting used to the windy conditions. Olinda had seven scoring shots to four but both sides only kicked a single goal in the first quarter and Olinda had a slim lead by three points. Olinda acclimatised to the conditions quickly and piled on 6.1 to only three behinds in the second term and it looked like it was going to be a tough day for Woori Yallock trailing Olinda by 37 points at the main break. Wind or not, Olinda had no trouble and kicked another 6.5 in the third quarter to Woori Yallock’s two goals and the margin had blown out to 66 points at three-quarter time. Woori Yallock had no answers for Olinda’s dominance and could not get their game going at all during the day. The celebrations would have started early but Olinda put on a clinic in the last term holding Woori Yallock scoreless and peppered the goals with 5.5 to make the final margin a massive 101 points. Olinda Ferny Creek Best: N. Broomhall (AFL VIC “Best on Ground” Medallist), L. Hill, D. Fitzgerald, M. Hottes, J. Charge, B. Walter. Woori Yallock Best: R. Allen, J. Adams, S. Kennedy, C. Smedley, L. Boontjes, J. Coombs. Olinda Ferny Creek Goal Kickers: N. Broomhall 6, L. Taylor 3, D. Rohrmann 2, J. Charge 2, M. Bonuda 2, B. Walter 1, M. Hottes 1, E. Greenall 1. Woori Yallock Goal Kickers: J. Williams 2, A. Marsh 1.


GRAND FINAL (Saturday 23rd September)

Wandin 8.6.54 def Olinda Ferny Creek 7.10.52

Olinda Ferny Creek were playing for back-to-back premierships but were outclassed by a more desperate side in Wandin who have won the 2017 premiership. Olinda started strongly kicking 4.2 to two goals to take a lead of 14 points into the second quarter and it looked like it was going to be Olinda’s day. Wandin made the most of the wind in the second quarter and jumped Olinda kicking 3.3 to one behind to take the lead back by six points at half time. The third term was a torrid twenty minutes of football with Olinda kicking 2.3 to Wandin’s 1.1 and the lead was Olinda’s just by two points at the final break. This game went right down to the wire - Wandin kicked 2.2 and as much as Olinda peppered the goals kicking 1.4 they could not jag any majors and Wandin came away with a nail-biting two-point win at the final siren. Wandin Best: D. Ladner (AFL Yarra Ranges “Best on Ground” Medallist), B. Foley, L. McPhee, J. Iedema, D. Bailey, J. Napoleone. Olinda Ferny Creek Best: B. Telford, S. Hill, B. Currie, R. Davis, R. Cottam-Starkey, G. Stevens. Wandin Goal Kickers: L. McPhee 3, B. Foley 2, N. Crossland 1, T. Adamson 1, M. Shanks 1. Olinda Ferny Creek Goal Kickers: G. Stevens 3, R. Davis 1, S. Hill 1, M. Harris 1, B. Telford 1.


GRAND FINAL (Saturday 23rd September)

Wandin 6.9.45 def Emerald 6.8.44

Wandin have come away with a surprise one-point win over Emerald and have been crowned the premiers for 2017. The first quarter was tight as both sides battled for some sort of ascendency. Wandin kicked 1.2 to 1.1 to take a slim lead at quarter time. Emerald played the blustery conditions well in the second term and kicked away with 2.4 to three behinds to have a lead of 12 points at half time. Wandin came out in the third quarter and dominated all facets of the game kicking 4.3 to zip, however the game was still theirs to lose with a 15-point lead at three-quarter time. Emerald had the aid of the breeze in the last and kicked 3.3 but Wandin battled hard and managed to kick 1.1 against the odds, sneaking home with a one-point win. Wandin Best: T. Merlino (AFL VIC “Best on Ground” Medallist), P. Bruzzese, A. Baker, T. Smith, M. Smith, B. Stokes. Emerald Best: M. Thomas, C. Roma, K. Jordan-Hill, J. Campsell, A. Stuhldreier, B. Stuhldreier. Wandin Goal Kickers: A. Baker 4, T. Merlino 1, R. Smith 1. Emerald Goal Kickers: M. Thomas 2, B. Wood 2, C. Roma 1, R. Goonan 1.



GRAND FINALS (Saturday 23rd September)


Olinda Ferny Creek 69 def Woori Yallock 53

Olinda Ferny Creek have been crowned minor premiers and the 2017 champions after a good win over Woori Yallock. Olinda got the jump shooting 17 goals to 11 in the first quarter and was never really challenged from there as the lead was always going to be a big chase for Woori Yallock. The second term was much tighter and it was a bit of a goal shooting clinic with 33 goals being shot but the lead was still Olinda’s by seven goals. Olinda took hold of the game well and truly in the third quarter shooting 18 goals to 12 and the lead was now 17 with one quarter to go. Again, the fourth term was a tight contest but Olinda had all the answers and is premiers for 2017. Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Peri Stewart (Anita Woods “Best on Court” Medallist), Krista Tomlinson, Georgia Martin. Woori Yallock Best: Stacey Fleming, Sarah Hogan, Shannon Bailey. Olinda Ferny Creek Goal Shooters: Peri Stewart 47, Tess Linkins 11, Ashlee Howard 11. Woori Yallock Goal Shooters: Sarah Hogan 22, Shannon Bailey 22, Casey Barnes 9.



Woori Yallock 39 def Monbulk Hawks 25

Woori Yallock has been crowned minor premiers and the 2017 champions after a win over Monbulk Hawks. The first quarter was tight and it looked like the game was going to be tough from the outset. It was eight all at quarter time with no side giving an inch. Woori Yallock took control in the second term shooting 15 goals to six and set up a handy half time lead by nine goals. It all tightened up in the third quarter and it was a low scoring one with only nine goals being shot, but Monbulk could not make any inroads into Woori Yallock’ lead of ten goals. Woori Yallock played out the last term with an advantage of four goals and have been the first team to beat Wandin since 2010 and to win their first ever B Grade premiership. Woori Yallock Best: Lauren VanDerWesthuizen (AFL Yarra Ranges “Best on Court” Medallist), Mia Sudomirski, Heidi Summers. Monbulk Hawks Best: Olivia Crook, Megan Coad, Sara Zachariah. Woori Yallock Goal Shooters: Heidi Summers 21, Madeline Hargrave 18. Monbulk Hawks Goal Shooters: Tahlia Northey 16, Megan Coad 6, Olivia Crook 3.



Woori Yallock 36 def Wandin 28

Woori Yallock led from the outset to be the first side to beat Wandin’s C Grade in a GF since 2014 and to record their first C Grade premiership. Woori Yallock got the early lead by five goals in the first quarter after shooting ten goals to five. Woori Yallock maintained control in the second term and extended their lead to nine goals at half time. Wandin rallied in the third quarter and outscored Woori Yallock by two goals, meaning the lead was reduced to seven goals at three-quarter time. Seven goals is a big margin to claw back and as tight as the last quarter was, Woori Yallock’s lead was too great. Woori Yallock Best: Kimberley Williams (AFL Yarra Ranges “Best on Court” Medallist), Ellie Van Der Westhuizen, Jordan Kennedy. Wandin Best: Alanna Lennie, Ciara Lumsden, Tess Fowkes. Woori Yallock Goal Shooters: Jordan Kennedy 20, Abbie Barnes 16. Wandin Goal Shooters: Holly McInerney 21, Brooke Smith 7.



Olinda Ferny Creek 31 def Wandin 24

Olinda Ferny Creek have been crowned 2017 premiers after a seven-goal win over reigning premiers Wandin. The first quarter was tight with Olinda getting the slimmest of leads by one-goal. They certainly broke the game open in the second term shooting ten goals to three and it was going to be tough for Wandin to claw this back. Wandin came out and outscored Olinda by a single goal in the third quarter in what was a low scoring quarter but the margin was still seven goals. Neither side gave an inch in the last as they both shot eight goals and Olinda saluted the judges at the final siren. Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Leah Cody (AFL Yarra Ranges “Best on Court” Medallist), Casey Seymour, Nicole Millwood. Wandin Best: Emily Corbett, Alicia Kay, Lauren Ball. Olinda Ferny Creek Goal Shooters: Nicole Millwood 23, Michelle Tomlinson 8. Wandin Goal Shooters: Chloe Dickson 13, Alicia Kay 10, Danielle Wolff 1.



GRAND FINAL (Saturday 23rd September)

Woori Yallock 39 def Wandin 32


Woori Yallock has defeated reigning premiers Wandin by seven goals to record their first premiership in the 17 & Under Competition. The first quarter was an even, tight tussle but Wandin held a one-goal lead at quarter time. The second term was high scoring with 23 goals being shot and Woori Yallock outscored them by three to take a lead of two goals at half time. Woori Yallock continued with that momentum in the third quarter and increased their lead to four goals at three-quarter time. Wandin could not manage the pressure in the last term; Woori Yallock ran out the game and is premiers for 2017. Woori Yallock Best: Abbie Barnes (AFL Yarra Ranges “Best on Court” Medallist), Madeline Hargrave, Mia Sudomirski. Wandin Best: Madison Rouget, Cleo Minney, Olivia Speelmeyer. Woori Yallock Goal Shooters: Madeline Hargrave 27, Abbie Barnes 12. Wandin Goal Shooters: Cailey Nolan 15, Olivia Speelmeyer 13, Sophie Hennessey 4.