Weekend Wrap Round 2 2018

Sunday, May 06, 2018











AFL Yarra Ranges Wrap


Round 2 was played in beautiful conditions for footy and netball, Olinda ferny Creek officially unfurled their Premiership flags from 2017 and Yarra Glen hosted the 5th Pride Cup for the Yarra Valley.  Some surprise results and some good games were witnessed by supporters and the Yarra Valley Community.  The Winners in Senior Football – Healesville, Olinda Ferny Creek, Upwey Tecoma, Wandin, Mt Evelyn, Gembrook Cockatoo, Seville, Yea and Yarra Glen. A Grade Netball Winners -  Warburton Millgrove, Olinda Ferny Creek, Woori Yallock, Wandin, Mt Evelyn, Seville, Yea, Yarra Junction and Yarra Glen.




Bendigo Community Bank Division 1 Seniors Football


Healesville 19.21.135 def Warburton Millgrove 8.13.61


Healesville opened their account at the expense of Warburton by a solid margin of 74 points.  Healesville got the jump in the 1st kicking 7 goals to 2 and the lead was a handy 27 points, even though the scoring shoots were rather even.  In the second, it was Healesville’s turn to be wasteful in front of goal 3.7 to 1.2 but the margin was still now 50 points and it was going to be tough for Warburton to peg that back.  The 3rd qtr was a better contest but Healesville still managed to increase their lead to 63 points.  Healesville again peppered the goals in the last kicking 4.7 to 3.2 and although he margin was convincing if Healesville can straighten up in front of goals their winning margins could be huge this year.  Healesville Best: L. Daly, N. Mende, R. Woodford (6 goals), A. Fraraccio, D. Plozza (2 goals), J. Savage (3 goals).  Warburton Millgrove Best: N. Dodd, B. Clinch, D. Bedggood, T. Marr (1 goal), T. McKail (2 goals), L. Barnard (1 goal).




Olinda Ferny Creek 27.17.179 def Belgrave 8.5.53


Olinda unfurled their 2017 Flag and welcomed Belgrave back in a big way.  They got off to an absolute blinder kicking 10 to 1 in the 1st and the scene was set.  The 2nd qtr evened up with both sides kicking 3 goals but the lead was 60 points at half time.  Olinda got back on the job in the 3rd with a 5 goal to 2 3rd qtr.  They finished off the game the way they started and peppered the goals in the last with 9.6 to 2.2 to remind the rest of the competition that they are the reigning Premiers.  Olinda had 14 goal kickers and that is going to be a problem for other teams this year.  Olinda Ferny Creek Best: D. Fitzgerald (1 goal), M. Hottes (2 goals), L. Hill, M. Wright (1 goal), R. Cottam-Starkey (2 goals), D. Troutman (1 goal).  Belgrave Best: P. Gough (3 goals), M. O’Callaghan (1 goal), M. Johnson (3 goals), N. Somervaille, T. Stubley, N. Schill.




Upwey Tecoma 13.5.83 def Woori Yallock 10.14.74


The battle of the Tigers was a close contest all day.  Woori Yallock held a slim lead in the 1st but wayward kicking with 7 scoring shots to 2 gave them a slim lead of 5 points at qtr time.  Both sides finally got their game going in the 2nd with Woori kicking 5 goals to Upwey’s 4 and Woori had extended their lead to 13 points at half time.  Woori Yallock looked like they had most of the play, but Upwey came out in the 3rd and shot to the lead, kicking 5 goals to 1 and Upwey were heading into the last with a 9-point lead. The game seesawed in the last with both kicking 3 goals.  Woori Yallock’s failure to convert in front of goal is what got them in the end.  Upwey Tecoma Best: J. Von Hesse (1 goal), L. Hughes, K. O'Brien (1 goal), D. Waters (4 goals), B. Oates, S. Dawson (2 goals).  Woori Yallock Best: R. Allen, K. Thompson, J. Williams, J. Matthews (1 goal), T. Anderson, B. Arnold.




Wandin 20.16.136 def Monbulk 10.10.70


Wandin continued their winning way getting a convincing win over Monbulk.  Wandin got the break in the 1st with 5 goals to 2 but it was certainly not out of Monbulk’s reach.  Wandin maintained the pressure in the 2nd kicking 4 goals to Monbulk’s 3 and the lead at the main break was 27 points.  Wandin flicked the switch in the 3rd and piled on 9 goals to 1 to have a commanding lead of 78 points.  Monbulk outscored Wandin in the last with 4 goals to 2 but the damage was already done.  Wandin Best: R. Heasley, R. Ross (3 goals), S. Wettenhall (4 goals), T. Hinds, D. Barton (2 goals), T. Merlino (1 goal).  Monbulk Best: S. Williams (1 goal), P. Barge, B. Hicken, J. Major, J. Rak (1 goal), H. Finlay (4 goals).




Mt Evelyn 9.8.62 def Emerald 8.9.57


Under Lights on Sat Night in an Anzac memorial match, Mt Evelyn had a come from behind win to get their season started.  Emerald started well kicking 4 goals to 1 in the 1st to hold an 18 point lead a qtr time.  Mt Evelyn closed the gap in the 2nd kicking 4 goals to 2 & reduced the margin to 7 points.  A tight 3rd qtr saw the lead change in Mt Evelyn’s favour by 1 point at the last change.  Emerald had 4 scoring shots to Mt Evelyn’s 3 in the last, but they could only kick 1 major to Mt Evelyn’s 2 which wasn’t enough to avoid a loss.  Mt Evelyn Best: L. Francis, T. Scopel, C. Urquhart, B. Lord (1 goal), T. Hallett-Tauali'I (1 goal, A. Chalkley (1 goal).  Emerald Best: C. Thomsen, P. White (1 goal), S. Kelleher, Michael. Dompietro, Mathew. Dompietro, M. Stephens.




Aurora Bar & Cafe Division 2 Seniors Football


Gembrook Cockatoo 11.10.76 def Yarra Junction 10.14.74


In the closest game for the Round Gembrook got home by only 2 points.  Gembrook held Yarra Junction goalless in the 1st and had a lead of 13 point at qtr time in what was a scrappy Qtr of footy by both sides. As they began to settle in the 2nd, Yarra junction swung into gear 5 goals to 2 to arrest back the lead by 8 points at half time.  Gembrook regrouped and kicked 7 goals to 2 in the 3rd and turned it around to lead by 21 points at 3qtr time.  Gembrook got a huge scare in the last as they could not manage to score a major while Yarra Junction were on the hunt and kicked 3.3 to finally fall 2 points shy at the final siren.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: M. Firrito, T. Lockyer (4 goals), R. Wilson, L. Scott, M. Kenny (4 goals), R. De Reus (2 goals).  Yarra Junction Best: J. Bombinski (3 goals), T. Fennell, R. Bombinski (3 goals), T. Boxell (2 goals), B. Clark.




Seville 22.28.160 def Powelltown 4.0.24


Seville sits 3rd on the ladder after one of the biggest winning margins on Saturday.  Seville held a 27-point qtr time lead after kicking 3.9 to Powelltown’s zero. In the 2nd Qtr Seville absolutely had the ball on a string with 16 scoring shots to 1 and a massive lead of 72 points at half time.  Another massive 3rd qtr with Seville kicking 6.7 to 2 straight and the game was well and truly done.  Powelltown did manage to kick 2 goals, but it was the Blues day with a 6-goal last qtr to run out winners by 136 points.  Seville Best: J. Cecere (4 goals), B. Penwill (3 goals), N. O'Keefe (6 goals), M. Cecere (3 goals), G. Fraser (1 goal), R. Djohan.  Powelltown Best: R. McCrimmon (1 goal), N. Moody, J. Ford, L. Middlemast, J. Ashby (1 goal), R. Briggs.




Yea 29.13.187 def Thornton Eildon 7.3.45


Yea share top spot by percentage only after getting their 2nd win for the season.  Yea were in complete control from the outset of this game and had a lead of 32 points at qtr time.  They piled on an impressive 10 goals to 4 in the 2nd but had a lead of 70 points at the main break.  A 14 goal to 3 second half would have delighted the Yea faithful with 2 ten goals bags to Michael Curcio and Christopher Graham.  Thornton cannot be denied their efforts, but they came up against a team that is going to be hard to beat this year.  Yea Best: M. Curcio (10 goals), C. Graham (10 goals), R. Aldous, H. Jarvie (1 goal), T. Kirkham, L. Beattie.  Thornton Eildon Best: J. Scotland, T. Bail, J. Hehir (1 goal), B. Davis, B. Haden (1 goal), B. Herridge.




Yarra Glen 17.11.113 def Alexandra 4.6.30


Yarra Glen hosted their 5th Pride Cup on Saturday and wanted to stay undefeated in this annual event.  They came out all guns blazing in the 1st and kicked 9.4 to 1 behind to make an amazing start to their defence.  The 2nd qtr was an in and under tough 30 minutes of football as neither side could find any space which on Yarra Glen’s ground is hard to believe but there were only 7 scoring shots in the whole qtr and 1 goal which Alexandra snagged, and they outscored Yarra Glen in the quarter.  Yarra Glen upped the ante again in the 3rd and kicked 6 to 3 to extend their lead out to 71 points at 3 qtr time. The last qtr was again tight but Yarra Glen kicked 2 goals while Alexandra could only manage 2 behinds. Yarra Glen was lucky that 2 qtrs of football won this game; they won’t get that luxury again.  Yarra Glen Best: D. Hurley (Pride Cup Medallist & 3 goals), R. McDermott (6 goals), L. Telford (3 goals), N. Parlby, B. Binion, R. Smith.  Alexandra Best: S. Heveren, W. Goonan, L. Ragg, C. Heaslip, D. Roper, B. Cooper.




Kinglake BYE




Yarra Valley Motor Group Under 18s Football


Healesville 14.14.98 def Warburton Millgrove 5.4.34


Healesville are now 2 from 2 after a convincing win over Warburton.  Healesville had 8 scoring shots to 3 in the 1st but they were not very accurate.  Their lead was 15 points at qtr time, but it could have been a lot more.  They held Warburton scoreless in the 2nd but kicked 3.3 and increased their lead to 36 points at the main break.  Warburton outscored them in the 3rd kicking 2.1 to 1.2 and it was a good contest, but the damage had been done in the 1st half.  Healesville piled on 7 goals to 2 in the last to run away with the 4 points. Healesville Best: M. Minney (3 goals), A. Peterson (1 goal), M. Donegan (2 goals), R. Greensill, C. Boeder (2 goals), K. Brown (1 goal).  Warburton Millgrove Best: A. Nelson (2 goals), J. Pride, M. Knight, T. Walker, J. Coshutt, E. Leeds (1 goal).




Gembrook Cockatoo 26.12.168 def Alexandra 2.3.15


Gembrook sit atop of the Ladder by percentage after a big 153-point win.  They started the day of well kicking 8 goals to 1 behind in the 1st.  The 2nd qtr was a bit quieter with only 3 goals being kicked but Alexandra still only had 1 behind on the board.  Alexandra kicked 1 goal in the 3rd but they could not stop Gembrook who added another 7 to their score.  The last qtr was another big one for Gembrook and at the end of the day they had 13 goals kickers who made it a tough day for Alexandra.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: F. Trott (5 goals), J. Tilly (1 goal), M. Frazzetto (1 goal), L. Ramage (1 goal), B. Diprose, M. Watson (4 goals).  Alexandra Best: J. Keath, T. Pedlar (1 goal), A. McDonald, D. McFadzean, B. Thomas, J. Southam.




Woori Yallock 8.7.55 def Upwey Tecoma 6.16.52


Woori Yallock is 2-0 after defeating Upwey.  Both sides kicked 1 goal in the 1st but Upwey also had 9 behinds and held a slim lead of 9 points at qtr time. Woori Yallock won the 2nd qtr kicking 4 goals to 2 and went into the main break with a 2-point advantage.  The 3rd qtr was tight and neither side got the ascendency, so it was set for a huge last qtr.  Both sides battled it out in the last kicking 2.2 each but Upwey wasted their opportunities and at the end of the day had 22 scoring shots to 15 and probably should have won but went down by 3 points at the final siren.  Woori Yallock Best: J. Aitchison (1 goal), M. Anderson (3 goals), D. Wood, R. Whitworth, A. Aitchison, A. Ferguson.  Upwey Tecoma Best: T. Holland, C. Bolger, A. Grenda (1 goal), R. Cheslett (1 goal), K. Bell, K. Weiser.




Monbulk 12.5.77 def Wandin 4.9.33


Monbulk racked up their 1st win at the expense of Wandin who are yet to win a game.  Monbulk got the jump in the 1st kicking 4 goals to 2 behinds.  They kicked another 4 goals in the 2nd while Wandin kicked 2.  The margin was 34 points at half time.  Wandin won the 3rd qtr and reduced the margin to 26 points.  Monbulk took control in the last holding Wandin to just 1 behind and came away with a good 44-point win.  Monbulk Best: B. te Boekhorst (2 goals), T. Taylor (2 goals), A. Richardson, C. Stiff, J. Hill, B. Rutherford.  Wandin Best: M. Feakes (2 goals), M. Smith, C. Steiner, J. Daemen, A. Mandl (2 goals).




Mt Evelyn 16.17.113 def Emerald 5.7.37


Mt Evelyn share top spot but currently sit in 3rd after their 2nd win, Emerald are yet to open their account.  The 1st qtr was even with both sides having 6 scoring shots but Mt Evelyn held a lead of 5 points.  They kicked away in the 2nd with 4.9 while Emerald could not increase their score.  A big 3rd qtr by Mt Evelyn with 8.2 to 2 goals saw the margin increase to 78 points at 3 qtr time.  The last qtr was just a tough slog but the game was already run and won.  Mt Evelyn Best: J. Hattwell (1 goal), J. Merrett (1 goal), H. Watson, T. Dodd (6 goals), B. Staines (1 goal), N. Hoskin.  Emerald Best: L. Hoye (2 goals), J. Latham, N. Pascoe, R. Goonan (1 goal), J. Zimmerling, S. Kapahnke (1 goal).




Coldstream Cider Division 1 A Grade Netball


Warburton Millgrove 51 def Healesville 26


Warburton hosted Healesville in their ANZAC Day clash and notched up their 1st win for the season.  Warburton got off to a great start shooting 16 goals to 5 in the 1st.  They had another impressive 2nd qtr with another 16 goals to 4 with Bianca Daniels shooting 11.  The lead at half time was 23 goals.  The 3rd qtr was a tight affair with neither side getting a break shooting 9 goals each.  The last qtr was just as tight but try as Healesville might they could not get the win.  Warburton Millgrove Best: Bianca Daniels (32 goals), Brianna Hipwell, Bridget Nix.  Healesville Best: Amy Stanley (19 goals), Emily Hay (2 goals), Chenile Chandler.




Olinda Ferny Creek 71 def Belgrave 48


Olinda Ferny Creek unfurled their Flag as they welcomed Division 2 Premiers Belgrave to their courts.  The 1st qtr was a tight contest with Olinda shooting 16 goals to 12 and it was game on.  Belgrave won the 2nd qtr shooting 16 goals to 15 and Olinda’s lead was only 3 goals at half time.  Olinda showed why they are reining Premiers shooting 17 goals to 11 and going into the last with a comfortable lead of 11 goals.  The flood gates opened in the last and Olinda ran away with the game with a massive 23 goals to 9 to continue their undefeated run.  Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Alice Paget, Ashlee Howard (20 goals), Krista Tomlinson.  Belgrave Best: Kylie Bradshaw, Angela Jeffery, Emily Schill (43 goals).




Woori Yallock 62 def Upwey Tecoma 23


Woori Yallock is on top of the ladder by percentage after a solid win over Upwey.  They certainly got off to a good start shooting 14 goals to 5 in the 1st.   They kept the pressure up in the 2nd shooting 19 goals to 5 and hand a lead of 23 goals at half time.  Upwey challenged in the 3rd but could not bridge the gap and they had 28 goals to make up in the last.  Woori Yallock put the game well out of reach in the last with an impressive 17 goals to come home with the win.  Woori Yallock Best: Jasmine Evans, Lily Walsh, Madeline Hargrave (31 goals).  Upwey Tecoma Best: Laura Cummack, Jade Bell, Teah Edelmaier.




Wandin 56 def Monbulk Hawks 50


Wandin had a close game against Monbulk who challenged them all day.  Wandin got the break in the 1st shooting 12 goals to 6.  It was a close tussle in the 2nd with both sides shooting 13 goals.  Monbulk battled hard in the 3rd shooting 12 goals to 15 but the lead was 9 goals at 3 qtr time.  Monbulk put the pressure on in the last outscoring Wandin 19 goals to 16 but their run was left too late.  Wandin Best: Sinead Lumsden (26 goals), Kathleen McMahon, Tayla Harris.  Monbulk Hawks Best: Lauren Byrnes (41 goals), Kaitlyn Seamer, Nicole MacDowell.




Mt Evelyn 41 def Emerald 38


Mt Evelyn led all day, but it was not easy.  They only had a 1 goal lead at qtr time.  The second qtr was just as tough as both sides struggled to get turnovers and Mt Evelyn’s advantage was only 2 goals at half time.  The 3rd quarter was a close nail biting encounter as both sides shot 9 goals each.  It was set up for a cracker last qtr and as much as Emerald tried they could not make headway into Mt Evelyn’s lead as they got home by 3 goals in the end.  Mt Evelyn Best: Ashleigh Saunders (21 goals), Georgia Marsh (17 goals).  Emerald Best: Nancy Te Whata (26 goals), Hayley Scott, Jazmyn Wray.


Coldstream Cider Division 2 A Grade Netball


Yarra Junction 54 def Gembrook Cockatoo 31


Yarra Junction has started their season with 2 wins after accounting for Gembrook by 23 goals.  Yarra Junction set the scene early shooting 16 goals to 6 in the 1st.  They played consistent netball in the 2nd with 15 goals to 9 to take a 16-goal lead into the half time break.  Gembrook outran Yarra Junction in the 3rd outscoring those 10 goals to 7 and reduced the margin to 13 goals at 3 qtr time.  Yarra Junction arrested back the momentum in the last with 16 goals to 6 to register another 4 points.  Yarra Junction Best: Courtney Lever, Jessica Sweet, Ashley Ula (32 goals).  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: Michelle Ling, Kaylene Clark (15 goals), Ella Gerencser (16 goals).




Seville 53 def Powelltown 16


Seville has continued their good 2018 form with a convincing win over Powelltown.  They shot 14 goals to 9 in the 1st to take a 5-goal lead into the 2nd.  The 2nd qtr was extremely tight with no scores being registered.  The 3rd qtr was really all one-way traffic with Seville shooting 15 goals to 4.  The last qtr appeared to be a master class for Powelltown with Seville shooting 24 goals to 3.  Seville Best: Rhiannon Crompton (27 goals), Stephanie Durant (21 goals), Stephanie McNay.  Powelltown Best: Olivia Caneva (7 goals), Michelle Finlay, Jaime Lord.




Yea 99 def Thornton Eildon 6


Yea has sent out the challenge to all clubs that they are the team to beat this year with a big win over Thornton.  They started the game off with a huge 30 goals to zero 1st qtr.  They were again dominant in the 2 shooting 20 goals to 5 and they went into half time with a 47-goal lead. Unfortunately for Thornton they did not slow down in the 3rd and shot 25 goals to 1 to be 71 goals in front.  It was all over from this stage and Thornton could only play for pride and to their credit they did.  Yea Best: Melissa Martinov (70), Chelsea Spagnolo, Ruby O’Dwyer.  Thornton Eildon Best: Jessica Slapp, Brodie Tyacke, Tayla Sturdes.




Yarra Glen 55 def Alexandra 37


Yarra Glen officially opened their account with a good win over Alexandra.  They got out to a 6-goal lead shooting 13 goals to 7 in the 1st.  It was a close battle in the 2nd with Yarra Glen shooting 9 goals to 8 but Yarra Glen held a lead of 7 goals at half time.  They opened it up a bit in the 3rd shooting 14 goals to 9 and all they really had to do was play tight defensive netball in the last.  Alexandra played some good netball, but Yarra Glen defended their “Pride Cup” title by 18 goals in the end.  Yarra Glen Best: Nicole Moate (25 goals), Meaghan Cowan (Pride Cup Medallist), Prue Purdey.  Alexandra Best: Caitlin Haggis, Olivia Twining, Ellie Hedger (18 goals).




Kinglake BYE