Weekend Wrap Round 3 2018

Sunday, May 06, 2018








AFL Yarra Ranges Wrap

Round 3 were played in damp conditions and as a result some surprise results were the order of the day with some good football & Netball witnessed by club’s supporters and the Yarra Valley Community.  The Winners in Senior Football – Belgrave, Healesville, Monbulk, Upwey Tecoma, Woori Yallock, Gembrook Cockatoo, a draw between Powelltown & Alexandra, Yarra Junction and Yarra Glen. A Grade Netball Winners -  Olinda Ferny Creek, Belgrave, Monbulk Hawks, Woori Yallock, Upwey Tecoma, Kinglake, Yea, Powelltown and Seville.


Bendigo Community Bank Division 1 Seniors Football

Belgrave 12.17.89 def Warburton Millgrove 10.13.73

Belgrave have got their 1st win for the season after coming from behind in the last qtr to snatch it from Warburton.  Warburton got off to a great start kicking 7 goals to 4 and went into qtr time with a 15-point lead.  Belgrave found something in the 2nd and outscored Warburton kicking 3.4 to 1.4 to be only 3 points down at half time.  The 3rd qtr was very quiet from both sides and they both struggled to make any impact on the scoreboard.  Neither side could kick a major and the margin was reduced to 2 points in Warburton’s favour.  Belgrave switched it on in the last and outplayed Warburton kicking 5.4 to 2.4 to come away with a hard earned 4 points.  Belgrave Best: B. Raaymakers, J. Toole (1 goal), C. Power, M. Johnson (2 goals), P. Gough, J. McDermott.  Warburton Millgrove Best: S. Andueza, M. Wappett (1 goal), N. Dodd, B. Ferguson, L. Weir, A. White (3 goals).


Healesville 7.16.58 def Olinda Ferny Creek 6.9.45

Healesville have got their 2nd win for the season after surprising the early flag favourites.  Healesville had 9 scoring shots to 1 in the 1st qtr but needed to finish better and as a result of being a bit wasteful in front of goal there lead at qtr time was just 23 points.  Olinda clawed their way back in the 2nd holding Healesville goalless and kicked 2.2 to reduce the margin to 10 points at half time.  Healesville lifted in the 3rd and kicked 2 goals to 1 to have a handy lead of 16 points at 3qtr time.  Healesville threw everything at the goals in the last but could only kick 1 goal as they wasted opportunities again kicking 7 behinds. At the end of the day it was still enough at the final siren.  Healesville Best: R. Clarke, N. Mende, J. McGrath, L. Daly, J. Nugent (1 goal), D. Plozza.  Olinda Ferny Creek Best: J. Rankin, D. Wilson, B. Currie, D. Troutman, S. Atkinson, M. Hottes.


Monbulk 10.8.68 def Emerald 6.16.52

Monbulk have also got their season started with a come from behind win.  Emerald looked like they were on the winning train in the 1st kicking 3.5 to 2 behinds and had a lead of 21 points.  Monbulk really turned it around in the 2nd keeping Emerald to just 4 behinds while they kicked 6.1 to be in front at the main break by 12 points.  Emerald had more scoring shots than Monbulk in the 3rd but could not convert and were still behind by 15 points at the last change.  The last qtr was tight and neither side could get any momentum going their way.  Monbulk had done enough to hang onto the lead and come away with a much-needed win.  Monbulk Best: J. Rak (1 goal), S. Williams (2 goals), P. Barge (1 goal), N. Sargent (1 goal), S. Van Seters, J. Major.  Emerald Best: Mat Dompietro (1 goal), Michael Dompietro, C. Thomsen, J. O'Sullivan (1 goal), J. Webb, J. Pedder (2 goals).


Upwey Tecoma 13.18.96 def Mt Evelyn 7.11.53

Upwey Tecoma sit 1 game clear on top of the ladder after another come from behind win for the day.  Mt Evelyn looked like they had this game under control in the 1st as Upwey could not fire a shot and only kicked 3 behinds to 5.4.  Mt Evelyn stopped in the 2nd and did not kick a goal while Upwey kicked 4.4 to be only 5 points behind at the main break.  Mt Evelyn came out in the 3rd and was just run over by the Tiger Train with Upwey having 9 scoring shots to 1 and took control of the game and led by 19 points at 3 qtr time.  Upwey continued controlling the game in the last kicking 6.4 to 2.4 to be number 1 on the Ladder after this win.  Upwey Tecoma Best: W. Duncan, B. Oates, S. Dawson, L. O'Brien, D. Bell, S. Waters.  Mt Evelyn Best: R. Hartfield (4 goals), D. Matarazzo (1 goal), A. Gibbons, B. Lord, T. Chalkley, D. Watson.


Woori Yallock 9.8.62 def Wandin 8.12.60

In one of the closest games of the Round Woori Yallock led from the outset and were never headed.  They kicked 4.3 to 1.1 in the 1st to hold a 20-point lead at qtr time.  The 2nd qtr was a bit of a non-event with only 1 goal being kicked by Wandin reducing the margin to 11 points at half time.  Woori Yallock extended their lead to 16 points at 3 qtr time and it looked like they were home, but Wandin had different ideas in the last kicking 5.3 to 3.1 to nearly snatch victory from the Tigers.  Yet again indirect kicking cost a win!!  Woori Yallock Best: R. Monkhorst, R. Allen, J. Matthews, C. French, T. Anderson, L. Boontjes.  Wandin Best: J. Rowe, P. Hodgett (1 goal), S. Wettenhall (3 goals), R. Ross (1 goal), J. Ladner, P. Bruzzese.


Aurora Bar & Cafe Division 2 Seniors Football

Gembrook Cockatoo 18.13.121 def Kinglake 11.8.74

Gembrook Cockatoo sit 6th on the ladder but are equal 2nd just behind on percentage with Kinglake just above them after a big win.  Gembrook travelled up the mountain and were well prepared for this game.  They came out and kicked 6.2 to 4.1 to take a handy lead of 13 points into the 2nd.  They piled on another 6 goals in the 3rd to Kinglake’s 2 to be 37 points up at half time. Kinglake tried in the 3rd but Gembrook had all the answers peppering the goals with 9 scoring shots to 6 to be 54 points up at 3qrt time and in full control.  Gembrook was a bit wayward in the last but really had the game all sewn up, Kinglake kicked 4 straight but it was all too late.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: M. Templeton (5 goals), M. Firrito (3 goals), D. Leversha (1 goal), R. Wilson, D. Volta, B. Jones (2 goals).  Kinglake Best: A. Burns (7 goals), B. Hamer, J. Crowe, L. Hannah, A. McLaren, B. Brown.


Powelltown 12.17.89 drew with Alexandra 12.17.89

Powelltown & Alexandra are yet to register a win, but a draw is better than a loss.  Alexandra started the game off well kicking 4.6 to 3.2 in the 1st and had a lead of 10 points at qtr time.  Powelltown fired up in the 2nd kicking 4.9 to 3.4 to swing the momentum their way and hold the lead by 1-point at half time.  They kicked 4.3 to 3.4 in the 3rd to extend that lead to just 6 points at 3qtr time.  It was a tough last qtr and both sides would be disappointed with their conversion rate in front of goal. Alexandra won the qtr but was unable to swing the game their way in the end.  Powelltown Best: T. Ashby (3 goals), G. Sheppard (2 goals), J. Moore, J. Garthwaite (2 goals), D. Rees (3 goals), J. Ashby (3 goals).  Alexandra Best: S. Steiner (4 goals), W. Goonan, T. Rouget (1 goal), M. Whitbourn, S. Heveren, S. Woollard (1 goal).


Yarra Junction 17.12.114 def Yea 12.14.86

Yea have lost their 1st game for the season after a come from behind win by Yarra Junction.  Tipsters would have picked Yea and things started out that way with Yea taking a 12-point lead into the 2nd qtr.  Yarra Junction kicked 4.3 to 1.5 in the 2nd to be in front at the half time siren by 4 points.  The third qtr was a tough slog with neither side really making any headway but the margin was only 1-point in Junction’s favour at the last change.  The last qtr was all Junctions with a blistering 6.6 to 2.3 to come away with the upset of the Round for Division 2.  Yarra Junction Best: Not provided so their Goal Kickers: S. Morton (6, goals) T. Wheeler (4 goals), B. Clark (2 goals), A. Chandler (2 goals), T. Boxell (1 goal), S. Hall (1 goal), S. Cannon (1 goal).  Yea Best: J. Ryan, J. Sandells, X. O'Dwyer, R. Aldous (1 goal), H. Jarvie, D. Evans (1 goal).


Yarra Glen 13.8.86 def Seville 10.18.78

Well what a game this was, certainly a game of two halves.  Seville jumped out of the gates with a 1st qtr that should have seen more goals, but they kicked 3.7 to 1.2 and took the lead at qtr time by 17 points.  They bombarded the goals in the 2nd with 9 scoring shots to Yarra Glen’s 2 and increased their lead to 34 points.  The first half of footy was not pretty from either side and if Seville had capitalised in front of goal this game would have been all over bar the shouting.  1 goal to half time to Yarra Glen is not impressive but 14 behinds from Seville and most of them from set shots is not good footy either.  Yarra Glen turned up the tempo in the 3rd kicking 5 goals straight to Seville’s 3.2 and the game was still in Seville’s favour by 24 points.  The last qtr was exciting for both team’s spectators but in the end, it was Yarra Glen that stormed home booting 7.4 to 2.2 to come home with a win by 8 points.  Yarra Glen Best: A. Smith (1 goal), W. Kristelly, W. Goodwin, J. Marks, B. Ashton (2 goals), R. Smith.  Seville Best: G. Fraser, T. Baker (3 goals), J. Nolan, S. McDonnell, N. O'Keefe (2 goals), A. Wind.


Thornton Eildon BYE






Yarra Valley Motor Group Under 18s Football

Healesville 8.13.61 def Gembrook Cockatoo 6.14.48

Healesville have notched up another win after leading all day.  The 1st qtr was close with Healesville holding a slim lead of 4 points.  They opened the gap up a bit at half time kicking 3.5 to 2 goals in the 2nd.  Their lead extended out to 24 points at 3qtr time and realistically Gembrook still had a chance.   Gembrook held Healesville goalless in the last and did manage to kick 2.3 in the last, but it was all left a bit too late.  Healesville Best: B. Cummins, M. Renouf (1 goal), E. Muke (1 goal), C. Wright, A. Peterson (1 goal), M. Donegan.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: H. Snoxell, K. Capp, B. Downey, W. Jordan-Hill, Z. Loewe, J. Tilly (1 goal).


Monbulk def Emerald by Forfeit


Mt Evelyn 15.9.99 def Upwey Tecoma 7.12.54

Mt Evelyn are 3-0 after a solid performance over Upwey.  Mt Evelyn were never headed all day and started the 1st qtr well kicking 4.1 to 2.5.  They opened their lead up to 21 points at half time and looked quite comfortable going into the major break.  They played solid football in the 3rd kicking 3.4 to 1.3 and it was probably game over.  They were consistent in the last with another 4 goal qtr to bring home the points.  Mt Evelyn Best: J. Hattwell, C. Burton (4 goals), J. Merrett, E. Allan, H. Clarkson, L. Walker (1 goal).  Upwey Tecoma Best:  A. Bartils (1 goal), T. Holland (1 goal), A. Grenda (4 goals), K. Weiser, J. Goldie, K. Bell.


Warburton Millgrove 14.16.100 def Alexandra 4.6.30

Warburton Millgrove have registered their 1st win after a 70-point win over Alexandra.  Both teams started off slowly in the 1st with Warburton holding a lead of 9 points at qtr time.  They kicked away in the 2nd kicking 4.2 to 1.1 and the lead was now 28 points.  Alexandra could only manage 1 behind in the 3rd while Warburton put the game out of reach kicking 4.5.  Warburton kicked another 4.5 in the last to Alexandra’s 2.3 and the game was all theirs.  Warburton Millgrove Best: J. Coshutt (2 goal), A. Nelson (5 goals), T. Walker, R. Nyko, J. Buller, B. MacDonald.


Woori Yallock 12.8.80 def Wandin 7.8.50

Wandin started the game off with a blistering 3.5 to 1 straight to take the lead by 17 points at qtr time.  Woori Yallock fought back in the 2nd kicking 2.5 to 2 goals to reduce the margin to 12 points at the main break.  Wandin looked to be in control but the 3rd qtr saw Woori Yallock get their run going and they kicked 4 goals straight to Wandin’s 2.3 to be only 3 points down at 3qtr time and it was game on.  Wandin went missing in the last after leading all day to not register a score in the last while Woori Yallock booted 5 goals to come away with their 3rd win for the season.  Woori Yallock Best: D. Colling, J. O'Sullivan, M. Cliff, D. Wood, J. Leermakers, M. Anderson (5 goals).  Wandin Best: C. Steiner, M. Feakes, J. Daemen (1 goal), B. Vincent (1 goal), B. Ebeyer, K. Dawson-Brunsch (2 goals).


Coldstream Cider Division 1 A Grade Netball

Belgrave 51 def Warburton Millgrove 41

Belgrave had a come from behind win to now be sitting equal 3rd on percentage on the ladder.  They started well shooting 11 goals to 10 in the 1st.  Warburton had a minor win in the 2nd and had a few turnovers that has them in front by 2 goals going into the 3rd.  Belgrave shot 15 goals to 10 to take the lead back by 3 goals and it was going to be a great last qtr.  Belgrave hung on to the momentum swing and outplayed a tiring Warburton in the last to come away with the 4 points.  Belgrave Best: Kylie Bradshaw, Angela Jeffery, Jennifer Dewhurst.  Warburton Millgrove Best: Brianna Hipwell, Kirralee Luiyf (16 goals), Bianca Daniels (25 goals).


Olinda Ferny Creek 87 def Healesville 15

Olinda have continued with their 2017 form with another convincing win.  They jumped out of the blocks with a 24 goal 1st qtr that Healesville could not arrest.  They shot 18 goals to 7 in the 2nd to take a lead of 33 points into the 3rd.  Healesville tried everything and never gave up, but Olinda is just going to be tough for anybody to beat this year as another consistent qtr by them saw the lead extend to 50 goals at 3qtr time.  The last qtr was all Olinda as Healesville just could not keep up with them.  Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Allana Osborne, Tess Linkins (36 goals), Georgia Martin.  Healesville Best: Georgia Ford, Lauren Rogers, Tiah Large.


Monbulk Hawks 76 def Emerald 24

Monbulk Hawks have their 1st win on the board after a good win over Emerald.  They got off to a flyer shooting 19 goals to 4 and looked like they were in control. The 2nd qtr was very impressive with Monbulk shooting 23 goals to 2.  Lauren Byrnes was unstoppable with 19 goals.  Monbulk’s lead was now out to 36 goals.  Emerald regrouped in the 3rd but Monbulk still had much of the play.  The last qtr was the tightest of them but Monbulk had the game sewn up early.  Monbulk Hawks Best: Lauren Byrnes (57 goals), Katrina Wragg, Sophie Stubbs (19 goals).  Emerald Best: Nancy Te Whata (15 goals), Abbey DeJong (9 goals), Jazmyn Wray.


Upwey Tecoma 42 def Mt Evelyn 41

Upwey Tecoma have notched up their first win for the season over the more fancied Mt Evelyn.  Upwey got the early break and led by 5 goals at qtr time.  The 2nd qtr was goal for goal until Upwey got a turnover which extended their lead to 6 goals at half time.  Mt Evelyn came back in the 3rd shooting 11 goals to 9 and the margin was only 4 goals and it was anyone’s game.  Upwey defended like their life depended on it in the last even though Mt Evelyn threw everything at them they fell 1 goal short.  Upwey Tecoma Best: Teah Edelmaier, Bianca Moffatt, Peta Day.  Mt Evelyn Best: Jacqui Black, Serena Gibbs, Cate Garlick.


Woori Yallock 38 def Wandin 36

Woori Yallock share top spot with Olinda after a closely fought game against Wandin.  Wandin got the early advantage by shooting 15 goals to 9 in the 1st.  Woori Yallock turned it on in the 2nd with some precise passing and intercepts and shot 15 goals to 6 to take the lead at half time by 3 goals.  It was goal for goal in the 3rd and nil advantage to either side so it was all set up for a cracker of a last qtr.  Wandin outscored Woori Yallock in the last but could not manage to get the turnovers they needed to be able to come away with the win.  Woori Yallock Best: Jasmine Evans, Shannon Bailey, Mia Sudomirski (16 goals).  Wandin Best: Ruby Tidd, Kali Dolphin, Sinead Lumsden (16 goals).

Coldstream Cider Division 2 A Grade Netball

Kinglake 93 def Gembrook Cockatoo 15

Kinglake took full control of this game against a Gembrook side that is still growing.  Kinglake led by 32 goals at half time after a dominant 1st half.  They did not let up in the 3rd shooting 25 goals to 2 and really putting this one to bed early.  The last qtr was much of the same but Gembrook never gave up.  Kinglake Best: Bridget Waack (55 goals), Fiona Waack, Taryn Smith.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: Kaitlyn Dullard, Michelle Skilton, Ella Gerencser (9 goals).


Powelltown 48 def Alexandra 41

Powelltown have their 1st win on the board at the expense of Alexandra.  Powelltown got the early lead by shooting 14 goals to 9 in the 1st.  They were well held by Alexandra in the 2nd but the margin still increased to 8 goals at half time.  Alexandra tried everything but could not break through Powelltown’s defence and at this stage the game was all Powelltown’s.  Alexandra made a play in the last shooting 14 goals to 9 but their run was all too late. 


Yea 72 def Yarra Junction 27

Yea sit 2nd on the ladder only by percentage and are certainly looking like real contenders this year.  They completely outplayed Yarra Junction from the outset and were never under threat.  Yea Best: Gaby Duncan, Melissa Martinov (46 goals), Ruby O’Dwyer.  Yarra Junction Best: Jessica Sweet, Courtney Lever, Amelia Rose Michelle (10 goals).


Seville 60 def Yarra Glen 29

Seville also share top spot and are 3rd by percentage after a convincing win over Yarra Glen.  Like top sides they generally get the jump in the 1st and Seville were no different shooting 19 goals to 7 in the 1st.  The game tightened up in the 2nd with Yarra Glen making a contest of it and made Seville work for their goals but they could not make any inroads to Seville’s lead.  Seville cut loose again in the 3rd shooting 17 goal to 5 and the game was now out of Yarra Glen’s reach.  The last qtr was won by Seville as was the game. Seville Goal Shooters: Rhiannon Crompton (26 goals), Paige Stanley (16 goals), Stephanie Durant (10 goals), Emily Barrie (7 goals).  Yarra Glen Goal Shooters: Elise Tanzen (15 goals), Nicole Moate (14 goals).



Thornton Eildon BYE