Under 15 Metro Champs Squads

Monday, May 14, 2018









Congratulations to the following players that have made our Under 15 A & B Squads to take part in the 2018 Metro Championships starting later this month.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the players that participated in the 2018 Program that started back in March. It’s exciting to see so many talented kids playing football in our region and we look forward to seeing them develop into great players in the future.

U15 A

Connor Smith

Daniel Ebbels

Patrick Huynh

Daniel Chamberlin

Bailey Humphrey

Flynn Kroeger

Lauchlin Johnson

Liam O'dea

Callum Bourne

Noah Warton

Angus Sheldrake

Brad Langridge

Ben Lewis

Bailey Syswerda

Alexander Green

Dylan Briggs

Ben Bourke

Patrick Snoxell

Mitchell Sinnott

Tyler Belloni

Frank Seal

Aidan Norfolk

Lachlan Riddiford

Angus Smith

Declan Thiele

Cooper Colee



U15 B

Jayden Spencer

Samuel Gerencser

Mackay Bateson

Riley Finlay

Lachlan White

Kyal Dight

Jackson Holly

Geordie Daff

Jack Geary

Liam Bowden

Josh Sharp

Sam Wicks

Leigh McVicar

Jack Madden

Ned Park Jenkinson

Aidyn Thompson

Christopher Beattie

Aiden Westlake

Connor Allcot

Matthew Brasher

Brodie Walker

Tully Ford

Alex Buckingham-Brown

Ryan Vassallo

Mitchell Candy

Jake Niclasen